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Throughout the semester, we have observed and analyzed several mediums of art. Each week, we were asked to write a response to said work. For the final project, I wanted to go back to the basics. Upon reviewing the syllabus, I compiled a blog of the images, clips, and quotes that stood out the most. All of the posts were already on tumblr and then reblogged or uploaded to tumblr. My personal comments can be found in italics under the post. Some artists were featured in several posts, but I chose only to comment on the one that I felt best embodied his or her intended message. The blog can be searched by individual artists or can be read the whole way through. Travel backwards through the course until you reach our first assignment, or immediately go to the last page and browse chronologically. In the conclusion of the course, I would like to present to you “Construction of Self as an Art Form.”
Theme: Linear by Peter Vidani